The Broken Stone
 and the secret of the Heavens' Henge
 by Jonathan Morris BEng CEng FICE FIStructE

"a very credible theory on why Stone-henge was built"
Neil D'Arcy Jones, The Gazette, July 1, 2011

The Broken Stone is set several thousand years ago and follows the journey of two children from a small village to the Arlth Island, where inheritance, discovery and betrayal await them.

Designed to be an easy read for 12 years plus, the author, a Chartered Engineer, lets his characters describe the sciences of the era.

He shows simple methods by which the Ancients might have realized that the heavens are spherical, using only polished metal and stone circles. The children are also introduced to a place where a bright daytime star could have been designed to rise above the round table of a circular stone temple.

The Epilogue and the Appendix, using precise computer generated models and side by side comparisons with referenced archaeological data, show the evidence that the features of the round table are exactly duplicated at Stonehenge.

It is for you to decide if the Hinge of the Heavens, the Heavens' Henge, was proven at Stonehenge.


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